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I just got a call from the Kucinich campaign. It is still going stronger then most people think it's going. He is still in the race, if only to promote the voice and will of progressive voters. It has me pretty inspired. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the inspiration but I have a pretty good idea.

Kucinich is still in the race, and if your a progressive or a liberal voter in a state hasn't had it's caucus or a primary yet you might want to consider voting for him as the democratic nominee.

Kerry already has a lock on the nomination, so why not send Kerry a message that the democratic party needs to move further to the left to stay true to liberal and progressive ideal. Isn't that what a vote for Kucinich will do?

It's not like he is going to stay in the race after the Boston democratic convention, unless of course Kerry were to drop out of the race first for whatever reason.

If you arn't sure about who Kucinich is, feel free to check out his website at Personally, I think his essay on Government is rather uplifting.

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